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My wife asked me this morning

To a narcissist, all
the world’s a mirror.
The day I misread
the no trespassing sign
in the laundromat window
as no trepanning, I retired


I sleep in my son's bed,
his comforter billowing



The vet opens our dog’s mouth


Every family has that story

I like being called “brother”
by black men.


For laughs,


Whenever my mother mentions


We went to Dee’s for dinner



Wrapped in my blue & white striped
100% Egyptian cotton bed sheet



Excuse me, you're standing
on my tongue. I do love


My soap, cruelty-free,

The Best Poem Of Jefferson Carter

Litter Box

My wife asked me this morning
if I’d ever cheated on her.
My ex-wife called this afternoon
& asked me the same thing.
What’s going on?
That new Italian movie
the art film crowd adores,
the characters hysterical, nearly
operatic, their marriages dead
or dying. I imagine all the couples
sipping cappuccino after the movie,
nibbling biscotti, that close
to confessing their own infidelities.
I love my wife. I don’t whine
about my latest chore, cleaning
the litter box four or five times
a day. I can imagine one
of those histrionic Italian husbands
fuming, yearning for his mistress
as he kneels by the reeking box,
scooping cat feces & urinous clots
of litter into a plastic bag.
The second I’m done, our old cat
comes running. Otherwise,
he limps from room to room, moaning
like the ghost of some animal
whose bladder burst.
I love that old cat. Most nights
he snuggles under the comforter,
buzzing between me & my wife like a
space heater I need to repair.

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Jefferson Carter 16 February 2018

Immena I DON'T consider song writers poets. The tunes allow them to get away with things no self-repecting poet would eve compose.

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Jefferson Carter 16 February 2018

Thanks! And I consider songwriters poets.

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Seamus O Brian 15 February 2018

P.S. Don't waste your time reading any of my poetry. You may consider instead immersing yourself in some contemporary poetry by Foo Fighters or Cage the Elephant.

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Seamus O Brian 15 February 2018

I'm not sure which is more entertaining, your poetry or your criticism. I've noted that critics tend to burn themselves out on this site due to overabundance of target material. I'm visualizing you with a flyswatter next to an overturned hornet's nest, if that makes any sense to you absent the aid of rhyme. I've perused your site and have enjoyed the task. Regards, SOB

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