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As Long As They Both Breathe

Rating: 5.0

Sides come together in a fury of battle cries

On one side, she sits, and forgives
The evils that have been done to her
She’s on her knees
And hopelessly prays
She then stands
And though forbidden to leave
She picks up her sword
She mounts her horse

Only she knows the real reason they fight
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The Sleeper 19 July 2006

Must I say anything on this wonderful peice...I alomst got two stories from it, yet both are of the same derivitive, very nice indeed.

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Lesa K 28 July 2006

an amazing story this is... you have told it well.

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That poem was really strong, I could feel the intensity. Great work, smiles N hugs, Rissa

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Anjana Aravind 25 July 2006

A very very beautiful poem. I enjoyed it immensely. Anjana

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Abigail Keller 19 July 2006

Whoa, this was incredible! Definately your best work, I'd say. It was so good! ~Amber~

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***** ********* 19 July 2006

A strong impression of love you present here Guarded Heart. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, very age of chivalry feel to it. Smiling at you, Tai

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