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1. Miss You So Much 3/17/2012
2. Seperated By Being Shy 3/21/2012
3. To My Dear Love........ 4/5/2012
4. We Still Love You If You Didn'T Notice 4/10/2012
5. End Of The World 1 9/15/2012
6. Humanity I Have A Vision 10/16/2012
7. Today's Your Day! ! ! 11/5/2012
8. Seconds From Disaster: The Explosion 12/25/2012
9. Last Words For My Son 12/25/2012
10. Me & The Caged Bird 5/1/2013
11. Wished We Stayed Together 5/1/2013
12. Lonely On A Cliff 5/1/2013
13. Silenced By Your Side 5/1/2013
14. Tears, After Your Speech 8/29/2013
15. Pen In Hand Spreading Happiness 11/18/2013
16. Love At First Strings 1/24/2014
17. Here We Go Again 1/29/2014
18. You Once Were My Best Friend 1/29/2014
19. Fairytale: The Moon & The Bird 1/29/2014
20. Together We Exist: The Wise And The Free 2/28/2014
21. In The Hall Of Fame 4/5/2014
22. Separated By Misunderstandings 4/5/2014
23. Releasing Feelings Of Dismay 4/5/2014
24. Loss Of My Beloved Bird 6/21/2014
25. Bird Of Peace & Freedom 6/21/2014
26. Strange Moments 6/21/2014
27. To ' Laplume Blanche' 6/21/2014
28. Try To Cope When There's No Hope 6/21/2014
29. War Of Elements 6/21/2014
30. Under The Willow 6/21/2014
31. Palestine; We Let You Down 8/1/2014
32. Time Teaching Me A Lesson 8/2/2014
33. You Change From Time To Time 8/2/2014
34. Time Had Changed 8/2/2014
35. The Truth Behind Me 8/2/2014
36. Time Offering Help 8/2/2014
37. Remembering The Pain I Caused 6/21/2014
38. Alone Though The Love I Have Shown 6/21/2014
39. Look Me In The Sky 6/21/2014
40. Never Thought It Would End This Way 6/21/2014

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Children's Rights

This is a letter to the rich mainly
Talking about the problems we suffer daily
When i say rich i don't mean the wealthy
Who i really mean are the people who have the capacity
Of supporting us and spending money fluently

These are the people we are aiming
These are the people in which we are believing
So don't abandon us and be so disappointing
In you we trust, in you we have faith, for you we give everything
So don't abandon us and be so disappointing

As you know half of us are abandoned
Most of us maltreated
Dying from hunger, thirst or even ...

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When You Sat By My Side

once you sat at my side
i felt my heart glide
so high into the sky
where nobody could ever dare to fly
so high above
even above of the silver dove
for the only reason for this energy is the warmth of love
you know im talking to you
you (the one reading what i wrote new)

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