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My Love Story 1 - Poem by Guess Who

I will be sincere with you
And you should be sincere with me too
then here we go:

First of all you + me = love
I know you know this
Well what you don't know is when this all started
You might say this year
You might say the end of the second trimester
If so then you are wrong
My love to you started last year
I didn't notice it was love until recently
But I did love you
Since the moment you commented on my song
You invited me to sit by your side in class
Then you told me to stay with you and not to leave you
With a small tug for me sit down i understood
When I asked why,
You told me that you don't want the girl by your side
To your request I obeyed
To your feelings I understood
Then came the day when we sat alone
It corresponded the second day of the BEM exam
Back Then you were so interested in my future
As long as I was shy I couldn't read your step
Then came the period I call ' Far Away Talk '
Facebook gave us hope after a long year's work
For a reason or another you left me to my grief
Thank goodness I found my friend MR.Tif
With whom i found a good help indeed
Entrance to school came but we didn't talk much
Pressure and short time separated us
Ooooh it was a hard period for me
But at last you came to talk to me after i lost hope in you
At last I'm good again and it's thanks to you
From there I decided to ask you out but I was shy
You were shy too so i had to find a good way
helped by my friend I got the best way which is the classical one
I sent you my 'jeg elseker deg': (Norwegian i love you)
For a period you didn't reply or comfort me
I lost hope again so I looked for another way to win you
Meanwhile you replied to me by meg også: (Norwegian me too)
That moment i felt so cold no matter what happened
I can't lose faith in you, that moment I called you my beloved
From that moment I knew for sure you loved me
From that moment I knew I won your heart
I hope I'm mistaken if I think otherwise
I wouldn't say our love is perfect
For a reason or another you keep accusing me of talking to other girls
For this i won't reply for I've got No Comment
I've already told you I'm not the person who keeps following girls

I can see a future for me and you
And a good future too
Our story is not finished yet
For if you didn't notice we still didn't finish the introduction
For if you didn't notice we have just got to know each other
It would be a good experience to read the rest of the story together
Too bad we are bound from each other by shyness
That feeling of being afraid to talk to you
Can't we just skip to the chapter ' Getting rid of shyness'? ?
This shyness follows me since the famous tug
So do you feel the same? if so then give me a hug
A long romantic story waits for us
A story better than Romeo and Juliette's
A story better than princess ones, better than beauty and the beast's
Just because our love is framed by respect
Just because our love is an Islamic love
Our love doesn't contain kisses and physical contact
Our love doesn't contain going out together
Our love is not an ordinary love like the other
But our love contains good speech, respect and sharing
Our love is the true love, the love between hearts
The love which is the base of all loves
The Love Hidden in our hearts

Comments about My Love Story 1 by Guess Who

  • Smile :) (8/16/2014 1:20:00 PM)

    AWWWWWW, this was so sweet, touchy and full of emotions
    ohh my you 're good, very good: D
    keep it up
    you've got talent and i wsh you all the best in your future
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  • Sossi Khachadourian (4/29/2012 3:13:00 PM)

    Our love is the true love, the love between hearts
    The love which is the base of allloves
    The Love Hidden in our hearts.
    Just amazing keep good job up my friend!
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  • (4/28/2012 12:33:00 PM)

    oh..really it is nice....a honest write....May god bless you (Report) Reply

  • Jinal Oswal (4/26/2012 8:44:00 AM)

    Its a very nice story.. Its wonderful to be in love... I wish you All the Best for your future... (Report) Reply

  • Unwritten Soul (4/20/2012 10:43:00 AM)

    WOW it so touching and it really every lines i mean it, i hope your wish future will be true someday and of course it will be better than Romeo and Juliet..It is a good write, the best story and you did very well..Hope the one read this so u can enjoy your days with great feeling no more down later! ! Good luck_Unwritten Soul (Report) Reply

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