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Glistening under the
African sun
Taino heat rising through her,
The scent of rum and sea,

The poetry of a blind man
Is not metered
In contrast hue or color
It is textured


Face the sun
Face the moon
Face the stars
Face yourself

Te dejo ahora
Y por cierto
Ya llego la hora de Lola
Suelta ya las sogas

A single lost rose
Abandoned on the road
Blood red on asphalt black
A discarded thought

We pack our time in
Bundles of 10
Each year a fractal of the greater life
Time and passage

Best feed the black dog
Its chalky milk
Surrender to its subtle growl
Allow it space

You have bitten my arm and
Drawn blood
Peace be with you my brother
You have gnawed my bones and

I live with a wild god
Of no face
Of no voice
Of no intent

Have you ever seen the sun at midnight?
Have you ever felt the cool rain on a cloudless day?
Have you ever run your toes through the tall grass on a city street?
Have you ever made love to a lover on a loveless night?

We are infinite
Dew drops on an
Endless web
Neighbors on a matrix

Well-worn rough
This American hand
Creased with soil from cotton fields and asphalt
Calloused with trains, skyscrapers and baseball

Love lost
when is love lost?
When fallen kisses and caresses
Are shadows on the neck and lip

I sent my little flowers
On a journey
To the universe
This small life will end and


For you
I leave my angels behind
All that is left of me
Enough to remember

I would say come to my grave
But I am sorry to say it won't be there
I will ask if you must raise a cup to the sun
I will ask that you feel the rain

The slavery of emotion
The illusion of desire
The lie of life
The deception in her eyes

Memories lap
Upon my dream-shore
Like the morning tide
They stain my sands

This summer night
Thick with textures
A broth of mist and sound
Alive with bells / sleigh bells /

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a chef by trade, lover of life, it's passions and pains.)

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Cuban Love

Glistening under the
African sun
Taino heat rising through her,
The scent of rum and sea,
Her wave-tossed hair tangled by
The breath of Spain
Sweet gold of
The sun in her smile
Her back arched, sweat soaked, she pulses and
Sways, trunk of palm that
Quivers with salsa rhythm and tropic breeze
Xango hides now
The forest is
Tobacco deep dense with
Mulatto leaves to cover our sin

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the departed will always rest in peace, the trick is to rest in life

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