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The chilling wind that blown north
On an autumn day
Reminded me:


When lips smile and heart cries
World seems to be full of lies
Hateful words in loves guise
Dawn brings no cheery surprise

A feeling of shiver seems to run down my spine
I still try to calm myself and say it's fine
The blood that is flowing in the streets is not mine
Who is the culprit there is no sign

Each New Year is marked by hopes
Aspirations and faith for a new dawn
Prospects of change
And sanguinity strong

In the journey of life
I met so many characters
They were different and distinctive
They had wishes and desires

The solitude
The silence
Of a summer afternoon
The calm

Giving my ears a painful tweak
She called me nitwit, tittering freak
Your wishy-washy ideas are quite antique
Can't you follow what is in chic?

I picked up a quill
And a parchment too
To write a letter
Aletter of confession

Lying on the bed
Surrounded by crowd
She tried hard but
Could only give a faint smile

I hate the feeling of nothingness
No mess which causes stress
The feeling of being bare
Having no worries no fear

What benefit one can get
From an over grown weed
In a flower-bed


All praise be to Him
Who created man from
Handful of dust
Taken from different lands

Some time back I had a dream
That destiny itself is knocking my door
I held my breath
No, I can never be that lucky

Let me smolder myself today

Let me live my dreams tonight

Watch the day on your birthday
Morning dew and winter hues
All giving hopes to pursue
Dreams you ever wished to be true

You part your ways

Without a word or phrase

Life will give me another chance to live

The day is not the end of life

A teacher asked a student
To define life

The student could craft

It rained along with sunshine
A scene I never saw before
Heavy drops fell on the mud
I heard the thud

Hands speak
A language their own
Words that are silent
But genuinely true

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The chilling wind that blown north
On an autumn day
Reminded me:

Of a lovely leaf
That was fallen from
A maple tree
On a summer noon;

Of a solitary star
That burnt and faded;

Of an oyster
Who lost his shell and died
On the sea shore;

Of an old man
Worn and shaky
Held his last breath
And died;

It reminded me
How naked we are
In the hands of God

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