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Currently i am a senior in High School. I love to write, shortstories and poetry. I am working on my novel The Journal of a Psychopathic Killer: The Darkest Day. I would absolutely love to be a published author of my works in the future and if there are any Editors, professional writers, critics anybody who is willing to read my written works feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Let Us Come

Together we can stand apart from the global fractures you call

Prolong the anger built inside each and every one of us

Who Really Cares?

Somewhere in time i feel no
So i set forth the destination for enlightenment
but get shut down because


'Never, Never land
and you won't understand
because you will never grow old
Its sad to say that you will never leave


I obviously don't know
what to say
Its kinda a mystery to me

Trouble Don'T Last Always

All my life people have been telling me
that trouble don't last always!
So when they tell me why i'm
Sitting here pleading, begging

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