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Together we can stand apart from the global fractures you call

Prolong the anger built inside each and every one of us

Somewhere in time i feel no
So i set forth the destination for enlightenment
but get shut down because

'Never, Never land
and you won't understand
because you will never grow old
Its sad to say that you will never leave

I obviously don't know
what to say
Its kinda a mystery to me

All my life people have been telling me
that trouble don't last always!
So when they tell me why i'm
Sitting here pleading, begging

In the night my heart wanders
trying to find...her
the one without a face


When the doors are closed...
and the lights go out..

He must've been a stranger..
When they saw her come to the hospital she
was alone..


Everyone has a name
some names are more impotant then
but a name belongs to someone or something

my heart aches for you
for we could've been somehting
something to be treasured..


you can't change me
they already tried

i gave up on hope

don't tghink you understand
the pain you caused me

i cried at night

I feel as it is a must.
Constant ringing in my ears
your voice
my voice


the stars can tell you many things
about your life
it is your choice to believe in magic

Thinking of you always
wanting you here with me
and dreaming of you constantly
Reminders of you through out the day

This is the house
Where i live.
This is where
I sleep, drink, and think of all the things

Who am i?

A face, stern and confused;
A form, tall and proud;

Something inside you..scares me
i don't know what it is...

But something..inside you

To shape the face of the earth
you need a little brush and a big red button to push.
A piece of patience and a dash of hope
A sprinkle of peace and a mountain full of corruption

A heart full of stone
looks ugly
Its rough and tough with cracks in the cneter
and chipping on the side.

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Currently i am a senior in High School. I love to write, shortstories and poetry. I am working on my novel The Journal of a Psychopathic Killer: The Darkest Day. I would absolutely love to be a published author of my works in the future and if there are any Editors, professional writers, critics anybody who is willing to read my written works feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.)

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Let Us Come

Together we can stand apart from the global fractures you call

Prolong the anger built inside each and every one of us
We together have the power to stand and fight.

Or you can cower in your homes, and watch the millenium change.
let your children die in your arms because you are to weak, and you lay false to what is really going on

I pray you can see, nimble is the wise, the strong, the cofident

Let us come together with the challenges preset forth among us and take pride
of your shortcomings; is not your fault...

Is it ok, to leave a question unanswered? Or leave a stone unturned?
Not in my world, please take heed. Now is the time to be
Different, to accept nothing less than glory.

I only ask that we come together

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Halana Williams Popularity

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