Hannah Williams Poems

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Did You Forget?

these things i hold
close to me, now and forever
but did you forget?
i wouldnt know


can we turn back?
to were we were?
i feel like im decaying
from what you are saying

You Let Me Fall, But He Catched Me

i thought i fell for you
but you didnt catch me
i told you goodbye
you wouldnt let me

I Tried

staying up all night, wanting what i cant have
down deep in a place were im not welcomed
so now theres no point to this.... but i tried
pain i had.., worth nothing

Black Tears

These black tears i cry
withered with your lies
nice and hollow of what use to be,
clear for people to see....

Break Me, Peice By Peice

wall to wall
till i fall
crumble til dust
piece by peice

Your Name (I Got This Off A Movie)

i wrote your name in the sky,
but the wind blew it away
i wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves washed it away

How To Get You Gone

I sleep you appear, or is that everywhere?
so where do i go,
a place.., I don’t know
somewhere dark and hidden

I Think

i think its right to do what i do
to hold you, when your down
to care for you when nobody's around
i think its right to feel the way i do

Keep Me Close

gentle wind
stars arise
looking deep within your eyes
myself absorbed

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