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um..... i dont know really. i first starded when my sisters did poems and i just went w/ them.and if you read this know im really bad at spelling and grammer srry and i write alot but i lost most of them :) , lol. but i found this website when i was looking up poems.

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Spirit Lahti 06 March 2009

dude ur like awesome! and ur thirteen like me! sweet.

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Did You Forget?

these things i hold
close to me, now and forever
but did you forget?
i wouldnt know
you seem to have forgotten me as well
i wanted you forever
to never let go, you always there
but you must of forgotten this
all the things i said
all the things i felt
the memories we had are now gone...
i wanted it forever to last
but how can i?
when you forget..
about it all...
evan the love you had for me

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Hannah Williams Popularity

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