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I'm sorry i cant be who you want me to.
I'm sorry i'm not the perfect daughter.
I'm sorry i cant always show my emotions.
I'm sorry i fall to fast.

Darkness is like a Sad Emotion, that sticks through the hard times.
The Light is like a Wall, that shows all the happy times.

The Darkness is like Death Metal, loud and painful.

We dont always configurate big crowds.
We dont get labels that fit.
We cant be like someone else.
We cant say we act like anyone.We wont back down.


life is rough
life can die
life is not what i want it to be
the days come crashing as i run from you

Your first love is the one that will hurt the most.
Your first love will always be remembered as the hole in your heart.
Your first love may still end up to be the one you marry ten years down the road.
Your first love wont end easily.


Love fades away fast.
Tears come falling in a blast.
I dont know what to do.
All I want is you.

When he left she lost everything.
The person inside her became unknown.
The only thing she felt was pain and sorrow.
Slowly she began to fade away from everyone.

Sitting in the feild picking wild flowers crying over what she missed.
Tears from the night before stain her heart.
Everything she had lastnight she may not have tonight.
The pain for one night was actually gone and she felt happy.

Depression is Black.
It smells like the end of a burning candle.
It tastes like gummy candies.
It sounds like a non-stop scream in your head.

Both are two over powering words and have strong meanings behind them.
Both leave emotional impact on the broken heart that people already have.
Both cause painful and joyful tears.
Both are easy to take to heart.

Now that she finally moved on she still seems to have alot to worry about.
She wants to be happy with this new guy but shes afraid to be hurt again.
She knows hes different, but what if he turns out to be the same?
Are all guys the same?

He walked outside today just to see that no one was there.
He closed his eyes then opened them just to see it was still the same.
He searched around for someone, anyone, but he found no one.
He screamed for help but just fell to his knees with no answer.

As he walked away from her for the last time she knew she could never handle the pain anymore.
She learned he would never be the one to love her the way she knew she needed to be loved.
For so long she never moved on and she stayed in a cloud of depression.
For the final time she knew she needed to move on.


I went on a Halloween Night for a travel
through the night.
For it was the night after I died.
Flowing through the air and going through

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I'm 16 I Love Writing Lyrics And Poems. I'm Not All That Shy. I Love A Variety Of Music. I Get Along With Almost Everyone...... My Life Is Slowly Turning Around For Now... And I'm Happy About It But At The Sametime Scared Because I Dont Like Change... However I am fading away from the feeling of love and I'm sick of being hurt... I know I'm young but I have been around the block a few times when it comes to relationships and things most teens my age wouldn't have come to. I just Lost my father in September Of 2008. Thats a really tough thing to deal with. Me and my father never had a chance to be Close. <3 R.I.P. Daddy<3 Writing is something that is very dear to me and I started writing at about the age of 10. Writing was always something that I knew no one could take away from me. But lately I havent been doing much of it and I'm not sure writing is for me anymore...)

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'I'M Sorry'

I'm sorry i cant be who you want me to.
I'm sorry i'm not the perfect daughter.
I'm sorry i cant always show my emotions.
I'm sorry i fall to fast.
I'm sorry i cant live my life the way you want.
I'm sorry i dont give up that easy on love.
I'm sorry i get mad for all the wrong reasons.
I'm sorry i loose interest.
I'm sorry i like the night sky.
I'm sorry i'm not like you.
I'm sorry i live a rollercoaster.
I'm sorry i dont have high expectations in life.
I'm sorry my lifes not made of goals.
I'm sorry i hide the real me.
I'm sorry i dont want to be famous.
I'm sorry i cant be part of a crowd.
I'm sorry i like being alone.
I'm sorry my musics to dark.
I'm sorry my love feels so far away.
I'm sorry i was made to be different.
I'm sorry i was made to be imperfect.
I'm sorry i cant love my life.
I'm sorry i cant be perfect.
I'm sorry i cant even hate people anymore.
I'm sorry i cant be like the rest of the world.

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wow! A number to hold my place in line. I like it.

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