Hasmukh Amathalal

Gold Star - 412,636 Points (17/05/1947 / Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India)

Hasmukh Amathalal Poems

361. A Money Power 6/17/2010
362. A Months And Years 9/30/2010
363. A Moon And Shadow 9/15/2010
364. A Moon And Stars 10/23/2010
365. A Moral Crisis 12/6/2010
366. A Moral Police 10/22/2010
367. A More And More 10/25/2010
368. A Mother And Land 6/4/2010
369. A Mother's Day Special 5/8/2010
370. A Move To Reveal 8/2/2010
371. A Much Awaited Relief 7/4/2010
372. A Murder Without Weapon 6/23/2010
373. A Music In All 9/16/2010
374. A Nation To Be Loved 11/13/2010
375. A Natural Gift 4/13/2015
376. A Natural Outburst 8/28/2010
377. A Need For Noble Friend 6/2/2010
378. A Need To Afford 6/4/2010
379. A Need To Avert 6/25/2010
380. A Need To Come Out 11/5/2010
381. A Need To Do 3/23/2010
382. A Need To Know 7/9/2010
383. A Need To Understand 4/15/2010
384. A Never Ending Game 7/10/2010
385. A New Approach 8/26/2010
386. A New Born To Arrive 3/26/2010
387. A New Concept 10/11/2010
388. A New Emergence 4/1/2010
389. A New Height 6/1/2010
390. A New 'Love Cult' 4/10/2010
391. A New Start 4/27/2010
392. A Next Uncertainty 10/9/2010
393. A Nice Bond 9/2/2010
394. A Nice End 6/30/2010
395. A Nice End To Finish 6/30/2010
396. A Nice Faces 6/21/2010
397. A Nice Feeling 6/16/2010
398. A Nice Idea 6/23/2010
399. A Nice Ideas 6/23/2010
400. A Nice Joke 7/18/2010

Comments about Hasmukh Amathalal

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/30/2016 5:26:00 PM)

    Y'ove Met Kvng Favz The last line was a blast!


    I gained and lost
    but at what cost!
    It was a priceless acquaintance
    the life with so much importance.
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 6 hrs
    Owai John
    Owai John Nice one, a good creative touch
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
    Chioma Ngaikedi
    Chioma Ngaikedi hmmmmm. you deserve a standing ovation
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 1 hr

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  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/29/2016 6:10:00 PM)

    Hasmukh Sir..thank you for responding so beautifully.
    Dear Maria, Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it.

    Supratik Sen, Kolkata
    Sep 29,2016

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/29/2016 6:08:00 PM)

    All places...Your poetic responses are always a bonus along with the original text Hasmukh sir. Thank you.

    Shweta Tiwari, Ghaziabad
    Sep 29,2016

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/28/2016 10:46:00 AM)

    All festivals.....I’m overwhelmed by the assessment of Mehta-Ji giving a panoramic view of the Indian communities living in harmony irrespective of religious and numerous other differences which is reflected outside our national boundary also.

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/28/2016 5:43:00 AM)

    Dear Poet your composition is from a poetic mind with great depth in life's vissitudes. I thank you profusely . Robert
    4 hours ago

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/27/2016 10:04:00 AM)

    Randhir Kaur One of the outstanding, top popular poet of poemhunter, active member on facebook as well as Google, retired Indian Army officer and an amazing fatherly figure..who have penned such a beautiful poetry for me is an achievement with any hardship.I am elevated to such a level that I can see the sight of the snowy clouds. Feeling really blessed and an honoured to receive such words from Mehta Sir. I guess thats why I am delighted in a way I have never been ere. Thank you so very much for your support dear Sir.
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs · Edited

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/27/2016 3:47:00 AM)

    welcome aqdas majeed Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now
    39 minutes ago by hasmukh amathalal | Reply
    picture of hasmukh amathalal
    x welcome randhir kaur Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now
    today by

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/21/2016 7:02:00 AM)

    Uche Daniel Oluwaseun You are poem is very well deep as well pinned Hasmukh Mehta
    Unlike · Reply · 3 · 8 mins

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/20/2016 5:44:00 AM)

    You are king....Fredrick Adeny Hasmukh Mehta thanks elder brother. We need to work on these pieces together
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 9 mins

    Hasmukh Mehta yes fedrick i go all out despite my age factor. i contribute as much as i can
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · Just now

  • Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal (9/3/2016 7:31:00 PM)

    why to cry in pain...

    Government gives promises and assurances
    Never breaches of promises and assurances
    It's because they are renewed in new words
    Pray for liberation from the promissory talks
    God willing their words will become deeds

    KH Prabhu, Kumta, Karnataka - 581343
    Sep 3,2016

Best Poem of Hasmukh Amathalal

Miss ', I Really Miss (101) /500 ###

I was stepping in to become young
I thought it is nice journey but too long
I am afraid and take care not to go wrong
I was expecting everything for song

I am so much influenced by lady smile
She has entered in life just before while'
Life seems to be so interesting and fine
I want to dance on floor with glass of wine

Miss, you can't be so rude
For a word you have made prelude,
All warmth and affection you have included
Hate and distance you have excluded

I never expected you to cast
All doubts but trust should not last
You were the ...

Read the full of Miss ', I Really Miss (101) /500 ###


Universities and campus prepare their grave,
In the guise of education they put front brave,
Bur on ground of morality they cave in,
Line drawn clear but education thin,

Great fall in standard and knowledge lagging,
More efforts on fashion and thrust on ragging,
Many loose their lives on name of flogging,
It is blot or shame and prestige more dragging,

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