No Teacher, Please Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

No Teacher, Please

Rating: 4.8

Teacher, teacher, teacher,
you don't be a preacher,
and never be a searcher,
I will become a researcher,

Madame always I mischief,
Still, you give relief,
Never you have punished,
If work not finished,

Class, always I miss,
Make I noise hiss,
I get up and ask miss,
Making nuisance for a piss,

You still not get angry,
Allow me to go if feel hungry,
I have a good rapport,
With your full support,

The whole day I play,
Mingle with dirt and also clay,
Still, I pass it as a good day,
No lessons are done and books at bay,

I will be clever and also naughty,
But never I trouble when feeling thirsty,
Learn the lessons by heart,
Make effort double to look smart,

I may not care and also respect,
Teacher and senior when they inspect,

Still, you never mention to my parents,
Never put remarkAnd also prevent,

Still, I not realize and continue to grow,
If a teacher isnot around whistle I blow,
Still, I find love and enough care,
Not good at study and not aware,

Should I fare badly never do a mail?
Papa and mummy may rush by rail,
They will take me home if I fail,
Put me in the room to serve in jail,

I make you a promise to be a good boy,
Learn and work hard and never make ploy,
My parents may get angry and not offer toy
So teacher please you not make them annoy

Hasmukh Mehta

Kunwar Patel 19 August 2009

very good poem for child....10

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Shalini Sundararamalingam 14 September 2009

nice funny poem, with innocent lyrics like a kid talking... i could just visualize the poem with a small kid talking to his teacher... nice poem..

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Asma Khan 12 September 2009

innocense of childhood is nicely written with beautiful words. 10/10

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you went into youth and brought this out.. sweet.

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Aira Olayvar 08 January 2010

You are dealing with realities for fun… haha nice, nice! ! !

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Rajnish Manga 08 July 2020

I don't know whether the piece is autobiographical or imaginative but the concluding lines make it quite sensible for all to understand the position of a student irrespective of his ranking or profile. Thanks. I quote: I make you a promise to be a good boy / Learn and work hard and never make ploy.

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Koena 30 May 2019

Very nice poems👏👏👍

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ALICE BASE. 05 September 2018

I hate this poem

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Nigarish zehra 05 September 2018

This poem is so nice and the poets are good writer well done

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sk.jeeva 09 July 2018

Sir i like these poem so much super.....

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