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1. Lies & Love 4/15/2009
2. I Hate You Now 4/15/2009
3. So I Love You 4/15/2009
4. Invisible 4/15/2009
5. Secrets 4/15/2009
6. Colours 4/15/2009
7. You Hold The Key 4/15/2009
8. Shhhhh! 4/15/2009
9. Sun Rise 4/15/2009
10. Lost 4/15/2009
11. Unbreakable 4/15/2009
12. You Dont Know 5/2/2009
13. One Little Girl.... 5/10/2009
14. ...... 5/10/2009
15. I'Ll Get My Own Back On That Boy 6/25/2009
16. Your Mine 7/2/2009
17. . 7/16/2009
18. Smile 7/16/2009

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I Hate You Now

you ripped me into peices i thought
you were my angel
but i geuss i was rong
my heart is torn but your not going to get
me down nothing can break this
bridge im holding
if my heart rips in 2 it will hurt
but your not going to get me down
i hate what you have become
so i hope you grow old and die in shame for what u have done to me.

i shall stand as high as i can on the balls of my feet
and hold this bridge untill you die
my heart has holes and so does my clothes
but your never going to get me down
look at your self do you need a mirror

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Lies & Love

if i were to tell you the truth you would die
in her swarm of lies
for i cannot commit your suicide
her lies would kill you inside
they would rip you into pieces if you where to know
would you let me comfort you?
I don't know

If you truly love her you would fall apart

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