I Cry Because

I Cry Because
I'm drowning in this darkness
it's consuming me I know.
I am scared to again be nothing
worthless and all alone.

My heart is slowly breaking
into little pieces everyday.
Every morning I wake without him
nothing will ever be the same.

At night when everyone is sleeping
I lay here and wish I could die.
Wishing to be released from my promise
knowing the answer I cry.

I cry because of how much I love him
I cry for the life that I knew.
I cry for the love that he gave me.
I cry because I don't want us to be through.

Yet still in the darkness I wonder
Why did God take him away?
I tried to be a good person.
It wasn't enough and now I will pay.

Please let him be happy
and forgive me for waisting his time.
Then release me form that promise
I don't want to live just to cry.

Without him
there is nothing but darkness.
No warmth, no laughter, no love.
Just this waist of a person
who's worthless
a mistake and a joke from above.


Brea Lars 28 January 2007

My God I feel your pain. It is a comfort to know that I am not the only one feeling this way. When a love that great is taken away you're left wondering why...it is the worst feeling. The cycle seems to never end. But keep on holding on, and your strength will carry you through. You're not alone

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Nathan Strange 15 January 2007

i like ths poem, you were really in love, and it is sad that you are now alone and suffering. GREAT POETRY THROUGH!

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