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Heather savage is a 14 almost 15 year old girl, whos been through ALOT.. her poems are her memories and her thoughts.. its her life the secreats shes never let anyone on to not even her best friend.. when asked about life she often quickly changes the subject or she answers with a simple its fine..

Heather Savage Poems

A Dream Of Us

I thought at last the pain had passed, And my feelings for you were through, But my thoughts lied... for again I cried
When I slept and my dreams were of you.
So vivid a picture- I felt it was real
As we sat holding hands by the sea

Choosing The Wrong

Falling For All The Wrong guys,
How Could She be So Blind,
Her Head, So Full Of Lies,
The Truth She Looks To find.

You Were Gone

I awoke in a cold sweat after a dream of us, All was well and nothing hurt,
We were together, Just like old times, We walked the mall, Went to your house,
Went to your room, To ‘watch’ a movie,
I was happy, And so were you, Or so it seemed to be,

You And I

When you cry, I cry,
When you hurt, I feel your pain,
When you smile, I smile,
When you are happy, I’m happy,


To think of all the fun we had
It brings nothing but tears
To think we had so much together
All along those years

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