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Remarks on calenders,
Homeworks not completed,
Assignments and projects delayed...
Exams tension,

Success is not just money...
But it is when you learn how to use it!
Success is not just having bungalow...
But living peacefully in that bungalow!

Life is accepting challenges;
Life is a competition;
Life is enjoying things before it melts;
Life is the ride of enjoyment;

Life is a race,
Played in different phases.
Experiences arrive back,
With different problems packed.

You created them,
And gifted me as a gem.
Did not teach me only to walk,
But difficult paths to unblock.

I am born to die,
I am born to say goodbie.
I celebrate the festivals on the border,
And birthdays, anniversaries with guns or with bombs.

Four walls packed me,
I am begging to get me free.
I am suffering from disease called lonely,
And the cure is i want my friends, family that is we.

Kyu niraash karte ho sacchai ko,
Kyu rulate ho imandaari ko,
Kya mazaa aata hai gandhiji ki noto ka apmaan karke!
Kyu rishvat dete ho karmchaari ko,

Relations became as a trend
And so ge had a girl friend
They never love each other
But for a period they were all together

I am so very blessed,
That in my life special friend is added.
Supports me in each and every moment,
Present in every second.

He- Being together is where we end a perfect design
You are my moonshine
Will you be together lifetime
Will you be my Valentine?

Person i met is love i think,
Which Keeps me awake every blink.
Eyes are shining very bright,
Innocent, meaningless neverending fights.

Aap ho itne dooor mere se
Mera dil ho gaya hai ekdumsa choor aapki yaad me
Pataa nai aap kab waapas aaege
aur jee bhar ke aapke saath rhege

Making the concept understand to us,
By sitting on our nerves.
Understanding our problems well,
And always there to ring the solution bell.

Baby You know what
I love you a lot
The days were being so long and hot
That we romantically and funnily fought

Dangerous anger!
Dangerous anger!
Angry of poor social?
Angry of financial issues?

Academic performance the mess,
Moral values the less!
No verbal chit chat with friends,
But selfies on trend!

As i woke up,
My dream broke up.
I spent my whole following day,
In my normal way.

I love you beyond any extend,
Sometimes in my love, time bilds fence,
Due to which we fight, hence
To each other we provide quality clearance,

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Hello. I am Heenal Vora. I am a young poetess and 17 years old. I love to write poems and inspire people.)

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Heaven On Earth

Remarks on calenders,
Homeworks not completed,
Assignments and projects delayed...
Exams tension,
Scoring marks is an achievement,
Greatest problem is horrible open house...
Lazy PT exercises,
Boring history lectures,
Confusing science preacticals...
Matters that take place,
Love affairs on going,
Teasing one another...
Throwing paper balls and hiding,
Cracking jokes on one another,
Irritating teachers above limits...
Feeling of achieving award
When teachers say,
'Worst class ever seen'
Innocence of telling lies when your mistakes get caught,
Sleepy class every morning,
Passing chits,
Waiting for reccess bell to ring...
Adventurous picnics and educational field trips,
exciting annual days,
festival and birthday parties,
the last is memorable farewell...
most innocent student,
most talkative student,
scholar student of the class,
dumb student of the class,
monitor of the class,
complain box of the class,
who were you? ? ?

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Water is the life giver and water is the life taker.

Just include frequent smiles In your attitude and your style And you will full up your storage file Within some while.

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