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life without you is not life, not living,
it will be an empty shell
a moving corpse
a robot moving

My Reflections On Water

they say our body is 70% water
just like earth,
that means....
the still, clear water reflects

Finding Your Other Half

A true friend is one soul divided into two people. -Aristotle

and sometimes we go through life missing that something
going through life missing something that we don't know

An Environmentalist Lament

Her name is Mother Nature
A beautiful picture she drew
Which showed the morning dew
Made mankind greedier

What I Want Most Is You

What I want most is you
To be with you
Close to you
We celebrate each new day

Mother Nature’s Lament

On a bright and beautiful morning
Where nature’s at her best
Flowers pn the bloom everywhere
Here and there and so rare


You swept into my life
When I was longing for companion
You swept away all resistance
and made me accept the inevitable

In Response To Ramblings

Be still my pounding heart
Be strong
There is nothing to fear..
But fear itself

Because Of You...

I find myself looking forward
getting up in the morning
so I can talk to u
hear your voice

Just When…

Just when...

Just when you think you know where you are going,
something happens that makes you reconsider

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