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life without you is not life, not living,
it will be an empty shell
a moving corpse
a robot moving

they say our body is 70% water
just like earth,
that means....
the still, clear water reflects

A true friend is one soul divided into two people. -Aristotle

and sometimes we go through life missing that something
going through life missing something that we don't know

Her name is Mother Nature
A beautiful picture she drew
Which showed the morning dew
Made mankind greedier

What I want most is you
To be with you
Close to you
We celebrate each new day

On a bright and beautiful morning
Where nature’s at her best
Flowers pn the bloom everywhere
Here and there and so rare

You swept into my life
When I was longing for companion
You swept away all resistance
and made me accept the inevitable

Be still my pounding heart
Be strong
There is nothing to fear..
But fear itself

I find myself looking forward
getting up in the morning
so I can talk to u
hear your voice

Just when...

Just when you think you know where you are going,
something happens that makes you reconsider

you made me crazy about you
you made me crazy to be without you
you made me feel loved
you made feel secure

keep God close to you
by being an instrument
the devil comes in many forms
keep yourself busy

lost in love....
in the jungle of my brain..
with u
finding the path to my heart

Watching you
Wanting you
Watching you wanting me
Holding your breath

one of the hot elements of God's creation
its energy on-going
like all of creation
it has a captivating, hypnotic beauty

what is love
if full of care
we have not time to hug n share
no time to see

just the instrument,
the fingers that kill the keyboard,
the hand the holds the pen
the mind that knows what to write

'A bird does not sing because it has an answer;
It sings because it has a song.' - chinese proverb
A sage does not give an answer
because he is the answer


I found myself
staring at myself at the mirror
asking myself who am I
where i have been

There is a garden
Full of beautiful blooms
Of peace, love, joy and happiness,
Where the sun smiles down

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just a simple person who likes to write. sometimes is the truth and sometimes use writing as an outlet for my emotions :)

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'Life Without A Friend Is Death Without A Witness.' -Eugene Benge

life without you is not life, not living,
it will be an empty shell
a moving corpse
a robot moving
a dream that is a nightmare
just on going helplessness
sense of hopelessness
never ending drudgery
a slave to misery
the days crawl slowly
the sun rises and shines
it sets and lets the demons roam
freely to hunt, hurt and mock
mock this aimless life that is me
mocking and taunting
tempting and telling
you are not worth living
jump, jump, jump
jump into that flowing river
this pain will go away
and bliss will be here to stay

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