What I Want Most Is You Poem by hema thasapalan

What I Want Most Is You

What I want most is you
To be with you
Close to you
We celebrate each new day
Our love
Celebrate the joy of love
Thrive on this love
Every night our souls will soar
Fly away to our secret place
A place reachable by no one
A place reachable only by our hearts
Its built on, by and for love

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What I want most is you
To be with you
Close to you
Day and night my thoughts are of you
Love flows through
My heart full to bloom
Smile so wide on my lips
Twinkle in the eyes
Ah! The beautifying effects of love
No need for cosmetics
No need time to style
Just hold the thought of love
In your mind, and heart
And beauty is yours,
That illusive art,
The love will cause you to glow
Bright and cheerful like the sun
Soft and mellow like the moon
Light and shimmering like the stars
Warm and fuzzy like the clouds
Hung on a hot summer sky
Blessed are we to know love
Love in the form of innocence
Love for the sake of love
It is beyond comprehension
And others cannot make sense
Its two hearts found and merged
Forged by God’s love
Lead by destiny’s hands

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hema thasapalan

hema thasapalan

kuala lumpur
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