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Midst a weary night,
Under the moon light,
The weariness got me thoughtful,
Thinking about many lives.

Cheerful as Unchained calf
As flying happy bee honey
As the wind that knows no directions
To be bound to flow.

Here I am...
Sitting quite and calm under the light
And some random thoughts
going on my mind.

With blinking eyes when light flashed on as curtains slide.
I wake up still wondering about the sweetest dream I had.
To see my real one.
I wish to wake up to the sight of blooming flowers.

I wish it to be true.
I wish the mankind was kind enough to each men and women.
I wish the earth does stay green and young as it was forever.
I wish the world was one and we were it's only citizen.

Across the green pasture, I hear,
that tinkling sound,
that I hear coming from far.
With the rhythmic sound, it starts

Why there is noise
Noise when you talk.
Conversations are heated
So is the mind.

Oh my heart! pulsed and throbbed,
taken aback by your beautiful smile,
Spreading a life and happiness.
Out of the rainbow of life,

Repressed by the social bias,
Living through the differences of so called superiors and inferiors by caste.
He lived to be nothing but humane,
In the darkness of the night of social apathy.

If I was who I am
I wouldn't let my mind play games
in thinking the world is as beautiful
as the dew drops on the tree leaves

Moments gone now are things of past
How I wish I had them photographed
Coz when I am deep down lost in my thoughts
I wish to see them alive

If there is to be a life,
worthy of being alive.
That is to be of reaching out to the core of your heart.
If there is to be a life,

Sometimes life is calm
As calm as a summer day afternoon at home.
When there is no air flowing
and trees too breathing calmly,

Love is beautiful.
Beautiful as the happening of day and night.
Love is strong
Strong as the greatest mountains.

Today tomorrow and days after days,
I don't want to get lost in the haze.
Oooo I want to see,
what I ever dreamed to be.

A flower that shined once wilts
With the passing time
From the time it was a seed,
The beauty remains so does the fragrance.

Moments ~
Walking up the stairs today
I walked down memory lane
Thinking about life

Sentiments that enlighten a human soul.
To know who and what to be cared.
Sometimes hugely to provide
The sense of being humane.

I hear a scream
Which I have heard before
Coming from under a roof
And silenced under many.

हम तो है मुसाफिर
हम चल दिए
जीवन के सफ़र में
इस लंबी डगर में,

Hemendra Singh Deopa Biography

I am an Indian and I belong to Uttarakhand, a hilly state of India in the north of the country. I try to show my affection and gratitude towards life by my poems and hope to live a meaningful life.)

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A Beautiful Mind

Midst a weary night,
Under the moon light,
The weariness got me thoughtful,
Thinking about many lives.
Of wonderful men and women,
Their stories and their pride,
also got me thinking, about those who are just alive and have been dead inside their head,
Many times in a single life.
Well it also got me peeking inside,
I pushed myself and shook me well just to ensure I am also alive.
It got me deeply pondering,
Why there is such misery for many, I was wondering.
I got the clue that lit my mind, and I realised,
in fact it's all about our mighty mind.
That opens the door,
Glides you through,
Makes us strong and
strengthens our core.
So the mind is the key,
God made it, as it has to be,
Similar overall yet unique for all.
To take care of the mind,
nourish it to flourish it,
do whatever you got to do, to roll on the positive side,
If you and I are able to do, I can assure,
You will sale through, small or giant any bloody tide.
If you concur with me,
Take care of you mind, drive it slowly, towards the positive side.
Because as I say,
living a worthy life is all about living with a beautiful mind.

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'The day you think that you are an intellectual and a lot better than others that is the peak of your ignorance'

Everything that whispers to you to look inside rather than being distracted by the 'maya' of outside is beautiful and everything that knocks to you and tells you It's beautiful right now but it will not be forever but still makes you smile is beautiful.

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Hemendra Singh Deopa Popularity

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