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I've seen the glow of stars on starry nights
Gloried in the beauty of a setting sun;
I've seen the splendid dance of northern lights
And shared the rainbow's smile at storm's last fun.

Gentleness Again

So softly falls the evening snow
Like lover's hand, so soft, so slow,
In dark night time a whisper low --
Soft stars embraced in moonlight's glow.

Asters So Beautiful

Some say you rival not
The lark and woodland thrush.
The sky above is their lot
High above the woods and brush --

Beyond Borders

The cruelty of war that maims
The cries of children in the night
Cries that stop mercilessly --
Hear no more --

Snow Filled Fields

And a new day is born on the broad expanse of the snow
And man is now freed from the phantoms below -- and I must go!
I turn away -- the snow and its beauty my visit prolong --
But now day returns and my heart must leave with its song

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