Heriberto GarciaIII

Heriberto GarciaIII Poems

1. Test 1/27/2005
2. Look At You 1/27/2005
3. Looking At Me 3/22/2005
4. Walking Dead 3/22/2005
5. Abortion 1/27/2005
6. Dream Pot 1/27/2005
7. Glass Jar 1/27/2005
8. Me 1/27/2005
9. Window 1/27/2005
10. A Lost World 2/18/2005
11. Crippled 2/18/2005
12. Man 1/27/2005
13. Scarlet Letter 1/27/2005
14. Human Box 1/27/2005
15. Masquerade 1/27/2005
16. Mirage 3/22/2005
17. Vacant 1/27/2005
18. Junk Yard 2/18/2005
19. Tired 2/15/2005

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Best Poem of Heriberto GarciaIII

Walking Dead

Till its end,
Can never be more,
But only when it’s alone,
Can you smell its denial?
Hides from the sun,
Runs to a shaded corner,
Plays with his shadow,
Then walks away to you,
Can you smell his fears?
Reeking your path,
Reeking your mouth,
Never again to eat and swallow….again,

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Looking At Me

Alone dwelling on this chair,
Typing away my life to nothing,
For you to read and others point,
Can't understand why,
Why we must tell our stories,
To one another,
But I know that I am not alone,
When I read or write and even type,
That you are listening and pointing,

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