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About me:
confident.... creative.... helpful....friendly... I wish I could help everyone in the world...
There are some Maxims and Proverbs which I prefer and like them:
'Do as you would be done by'
'Honesty is the best policy'
'As you sow, so you reap'
'Procrastination is the thief of time'
'A friend in need is a friend indeed'
'By other ...

Honest Heart Poems

Lasting Love

How kind of the world to give you to me! ! To stay with me... to fall in love with me! ! !

In every life we will stay alive! ! !

Honest Heart

I am not faithful they accused! ! !
They wanted you to be confused…
Confused about the Love which all of them refused! ! !

'Nothing Is Impossible'

Keep your dreams alive…nothing is impossible.
Keep your ambition alive…everything is possible.

Don't let your life pass by without making something useful…


In a small house…
full of candles which are burning and coloring the sky with the colors of the rainbow…
there is a beautiful girl in her wedding's dress…
she is full of happiness and sweet dreams with her lovely guy…

The Power Of The Smile

You have a sword, don't you know?
You have a power, don't you believe?
You have a key, don't you sure?

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she. is. a. faithful. friend. amazing. person.

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