Hopeless Heart

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A Terrible Thought

This thought poisons my mind
A terrible thought that should not be,
A thought none should think
A lie of happiness, a false hope

The scar is seen by all
And people assume the worst
But are they right to assume?
For them to think those thoughts of you?

They do not know you
As they think they do,
For you have changed
But they have not seen

For they do not want to see
To see, what you have come to be
For they would rather see the old you
The you that does not think those thoughts

For if they knew you as you do
A tear would...

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You Do Not Know

You have no idea who I am
Who I have become
When you weren’t watching
When you were out having fun

You do not see the tears I cry
When I’m all alone,
You turn a blind eye
Simply because you do not want to know