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Everything we achieve was once a dream
Aim for success, not perfection
Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism
Make yourself happier and a more productive person


I dont let words bring me down
I stand my ground
for what I am

mistakes i've made those all my life, but there's one I regret doing, the bad part about it, I cant go and change it, life isn't just that

easy at all

I've been pushed around like im some kind of animal

hearing names that arnt mine, wonderind if I should answer or just leave it alone

Tomboy, ha, I've been that all my life. Loose clothes, just how i like it. No dresses, no sandels just pure

I've been called a tomboy all my life, but people say I'm gonna change, but I dont think so.


One cut thats all so many thoughts going threw my head I've already thought about suicide should I do it

or should I not. I have done so many bad things in my life that I really regret doing I try my best to avoid

the ones i love is my family, but the one i love the most is God because

he's the one that brought me into this world, he's the one

All my life ived wished i had some one to tell me that it's going to be ok,

or some one that can hold me like they love me telling me it's over a new start has begun for you


life, you just cant really explain it once it'll feel good then it'll feel bad, you really wouldn't

no what to do with your life should u just give up or try to accomplish your dreams


every night I scream for help wondering if help will ever come my way

I wait every day hoping for my prayer to be answered

i know that i have lied to you sooo many times, but i really wouldn't have thought that you would remember how many.
every lie i have told you you forgave me and i appreciate that sooooo much coming from deep down in my heart

because for one you didn't have to sit down and listen to me or even give me help which i really didn't need that much

when i feel lonely and down i usually talk to God about things that have happened in my life and about my future.
will i become something good in my life
but i know one thing I am going to have some ups and downs I know that in the bible it says
no one is perfect every one make mistakes in there lives

dear special spirit I just wonted to thank you for bringing me into this word, giving me a happy healthy family

I might have some ups and downs, but you still forgive me of my sins.


when i look out the window all i see

is beauty the grass is green the sun is shiny kids

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I'm teen tyring to live my dreams I have up's and downs like evry one els and i can't forget that I am a christain my dad is a preacher so I am a PK most peopel say PK's are the freaky one's, but I don't think so at all I'm a good child I'm really quite when I'm at school, but if a person starts to talk to me now it's a diffrent story: +))

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Dreams Do Come True

Everything we achieve was once a dream
Aim for success, not perfection
Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism
Make yourself happier and a more productive person

People are just about as happy
As they make up their minds to be
Don’t let today’s disappointment cast a shadow
On tomorrows dreams

Never laugh at anyone’s dreams
People who don’t have dreams don’t have much
Dreams may come true one way or another
All it takes is faith, hope and trust

It doesn’t matter what position your in
But it matters what direction your moving
Never be afraid to try something new
Life is what you make it, always has been always will be

You make a living by what you get
You make a life by what you give
You make a dream come true
By living it out to the fullest

Many of us are more capable then others
But none of us are as capable as all of us
Ability is what your capable of doing
Motivation determines what you do
Attitude determines how well you do it

Don’t be afraid of the chances you take
They will take you as far as you dare to go
Have no regrets, just keep going
With your head held high, and strive for the best

Life may not be that easy
But if you hold on to your dreams
You will be able to achieve your goals
Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t accomplish

Remember the dream we had
When there was nothing else
Remember the dream is yours
So let it guide you, hold on tight and don’t let go

To succeed find something to hold on to
Something to motivate you
Something to inspire you
Dreams Do Come True!

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Brianna Winebarger 26 January 2012

You're a really gifted poet. Most of your work is sad, but you convey your emotions spelindly.

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Alicia Meyers 31 December 2011

Hope is a nice person, who speaks from her heart, soul, and mind. She poet who believes in herself and living her dreams, even though there is ups and downs in her life, she always can believe in her dreams and herself. She's a great poet, great job. :)

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Wahab Abdul 17 December 2011

this is very nice person and writing nice poems

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Lenore Lee 14 December 2011

Hopey is a faithful poet who believes in living her dreams. Tries her best in all things, even when she makes mistakes. Things go wrong but she always bounces back.

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