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I'm mainly a painter also you can say that i have an artistic soul..'Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. Simonides'. Arabic is my native language.I'm trying to improve my English language I can't say that i'm a poet.When i write with Arabic or English i just want to express about some of my feelings or some of my thought ...

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The Story Of River Nile With Egyptian Women

Once upon a time in the beautiful ancient Egypt
The sun asked the river Nile
From where you got this golden color?
The river Nile said

Please Wake Up

To be unfair expect anything you may gain
To be only yourself and forget other's pain
It's really unfair
To sleep at night with a full stomach

If We Can Read Our Book Of Fate

If we can read our book of fate
If we can rewrite or change
Our death day will never be
Our days of sorrow will never be

Soulmate And Body

</>Soulmate and body
From one of my ribs you are
Deep in my heart you are
Deep in your heart i can relax

The Weeping Day

The weeping day
Smoky black wind blow with grief
Cover the sky, the dark everywhere, we can't see
All what we see are faked adornment and mirage

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