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I keep on asking myself every day
Why do I
Feel this urging need every day?
Why do I

Romancing Souls
Twin souls are roaming above the universe
Chanting different lines of the same verse
Rehearsing for roles in a designed romance

Life is a granted gift not to be taken for granted
It is a short way between creation and demise
Life starts with a beating heart never selfish never bored
Never ceasing to work despite its little size

Looking like blossoming sprouts
Nourished by the same water and ground
Heated between sun and cloud

Hope is not enough to make a dream exist
On the ground you should work and resist
Until it comes true to make your delight
Dawn will appear whatever the night


A happy young girl
Was in her family a pearl

When our eyes ceased talking
And our hands ceased sensing
Each other's warmth and shivering
When your voice I stopped hearing

Darkness around me was prevailing
In my selfishness I was sinking
My soul was almost drowning
I saw a light glistening

Small and giant birds alike fly
Spread their wings contented in the sky
Never afraid of falling down
Nor scared of jumbo jets around

Love is in the air
To find it, use your flair
Breathe it in with all your senses
Let them taste all its senses

In a lifetime you can be so thoughtless
Laughter with fellows you keep sharing
Jewelry and diamond you keep wearing
In fancy mansions you keep living

You dance then you realize you were not alive
You were in a world where emotions never thrive
Dance to flee this awful nightmare
Dance to show how much you care


There comes a time
When your eyesight is alright
Yet your eyes cease seeing
You exist but you cease living

Acrostic: Peace Is in the Hands ofLove
P eace is the ripe fruit of justice
E ndlessly trying in this world to flourish
Altough many want itforever to perish

You are not you
You are another
I can see you
I don't find however

When you're alone with no fellow around
Looking for a partner to soothe the sorrow
You kept suffering from when you were let down Just walk in the dark and talk to a burning star
It will let the reassurance inside you grow

Lost in the open desert
My feet were burning bare
to assure it is not a nightmare
I Looked for some water

Every new morning is a new birth
Let every fraction of a second
Bring to your life some mirth
Let dark nights not become a bond

She's the one who gave me birth
Breast- fed me to keep on life
On the pulse of my heart and needs
She was a hectic enthusiastic dancer

Rivers of blood
Spilled out of human veins
Tried to wash away
Human dirt in vain

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I keep on asking myself every day
Why do I
Feel this urging need every day?
Why do I
Have on the piano of words to play?
Why do I
Have something new to say?
The answer usually comes
Right away
Writings are more than anything
Here to stay
Once your temporal body will
Pass away
Writing is the only emissary
That may
Convey what your lips ‘n tongue
Never say,
Illuminate in the dark
Your way,
Ease your heart's pain
As they sway
And unveil your soul to you
Before you pass away.

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Houda Boukassoula 04 January 2020

Greatly elated with your encouraging comment dear sir Subhas Chandra Chakra

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 05 April 2018

You are in many ways a poet of the next generation, your words carry the fragrance of the unknown time and space. I wish you walk miles ahead of others in this creative path.

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Life is a granted gift not to be taken for-granted

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