Hunny Bee Poems

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I'M Not Somone You Know

I'm not someone that talks
I say a lot
I say nothing at all!


so long ago in time
I promised myself never to cry out of pain
at least not for anyother human being
I said my tears were to stay for me

He Knows Somethin Is Wrong

I closed my eyes, , and started to think of her, , is she still smiling down at me


for all the shit I got myself into
the sorrow which I chose to drawn in
I do not blame
I do not regret

What Is This Sadness For?

in a moment of time which lasted forever
she whose heart beats faster around a certain someone
doesn't think she likes you anymore
you don't make her smile like before

Why Oh Why!

misery asks for away to escape, ,
with 10,000 ideas running through my head
I say 'I don't know! '