I write because I have to

I write because I have to Poems

1. Celestial Sea 10/6/2009
2. Handle With Care 10/7/2009
3. Just Me Clearing My Head 10/7/2009
4. Phantom Spider Webs 10/12/2009
5. Clarity 10/12/2009
6. You Look Different In The Light 10/14/2009
7. Pining Away 10/21/2009
8. True Lies 10/26/2009
9. Am I Chasing Dreams Or Chasing Ghosts 5/17/2011
10. Tepid 9/30/2009
11. What Would You Do? 6/15/2011
12. Frayed 12/30/2011
13. Silence Is Safe 3/6/2012
14. Pressure 4/17/2012
15. Me Vs. Me 5/20/2011
16. February 9/30/2009
17. Fear 10/5/2009
18. Acceleration 12/5/2011
19. A Random Mess Of Randomness 10/6/2009
20. 'Hurt Me' 10/5/2009
21. The Tortured Angel 10/4/2009
22. Backstabbers: Poetic Vengeance 10/5/2009

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Backstabbers: Poetic Vengeance

Apparent to none. Transparent to some.
Thin like the skin of those who pose as friends to begin
but end like chameleons
when they sway in the wind
changing colors within.
Under the guise of true lies they pull wool over your eyes
and its never really clear how near
or far they plan to stand
there hand in hand
and walk and hear you talk
all to stalk and strike with spite when the time is right.
Claiming alliance and feigning compliance
snaring at you while wearing costumes,
dressed to impress with intent to consume.
Leading you down the path of ...

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The Tortured Angel

In the darkness damp
and wet
form tears that fell to quell what's left.
No more to dwell
to blame in vain
left alone to feign deceit
while in pain discreet
and incomplete.
Cast aside

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