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From Augusto To Anna

'I met her at school
Where I was very cool
She was the clumsy girl
Who finally invaded my world:

(am I Alive) Miserable Life

I'm alive just in body's face
Because inside me, I feel
That I'm not any more in this place

I'M Like A Butterfly

I'm like a butterfly
Always beautiful
In begin, I seem shy
But I'm wonderful

Anime's Life

I knew about so much
I was too afraid
I did not menttion to hurt
Forgive me about what I said


In that time,
The time was frozen
There wasn't any brak of line
Any rule was broken

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Ianne de Angel is rude for not showing her poetry for all to see. I cannot form an opinion on such a poet as a poet other than a bit selfish. (i mean this in the least offensive way possible) .

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I'm just another girl
Another one who wants to make my poem art
Just ignoring the fact that I'm alive
Just following the fate of my heart

Who wants to meet me better, needs to talk with me, because I'm a person that just my phrases say who I am. I'm so sorry!

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