Ifeoluwa Philips Poems

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Love Bridge

i was at the risk of love'
while walking on a rough love rug,
all eyes went blind
as the the light lost it smile,

Iscariot Rebirthing

Who will exhume Judas
Though peter on the sea
Having being glut in a deep blue sea
And ashes in place of petals

Neo Sodom And Gomorrah

Sodom rebirth
Gomorrah in birth
Sodom in fashion parade
Gomorrah busy with her trade

Love In The Night

Oh comes swiftly the night
night ushering my heart
to where you are
making stick my legs to a point round

We All Have A Need

There is a needy kitchen
Not faraway the rich bin
There are sicking pots
With tommy up and lizards casting lots

Scars Of Love

flawless love
afar love reality
painless love
not a true identity

Let The Child Cry

Let him cry, oh the crying child, let him cry
Let him die to laugh oh the crying child, let him cry
He sees the pain in mother's laugh
Celebration of new born child that makes all in uniform of laugh

Swing Is Ready For Me

Should I love because you care?
Maybe I should say I do not care
Why should I tell about love
Reckless and abandon heart of love

Spares And Scissors

Lifeless in womb
All like a hell in tomb
Wellness afar of the life
Blood of a thin line high to live

A Fun Night

I want this night long
I want the moon along
I need not any star
For in your eyes the brightest star

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