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i was at the risk of love'
while walking on a rough love rug,
all eyes went blind
as the the light lost it smile,

Who will exhume Judas
Though peter on the sea
Having being glut in a deep blue sea
And ashes in place of petals

Sodom rebirth
Gomorrah in birth
Sodom in fashion parade
Gomorrah busy with her trade

Oh comes swiftly the night
night ushering my heart
to where you are
making stick my legs to a point round

There is a needy kitchen
Not faraway the rich bin
There are sicking pots
With tommy up and lizards casting lots

flawless love
afar love reality
painless love
not a true identity

Let him cry, oh the crying child, let him cry
Let him die to laugh oh the crying child, let him cry
He sees the pain in mother's laugh
Celebration of new born child that makes all in uniform of laugh

Should I love because you care?
Maybe I should say I do not care
Why should I tell about love
Reckless and abandon heart of love

Lifeless in womb
All like a hell in tomb
Wellness afar of the life
Blood of a thin line high to live

I want this night long
I want the moon along
I need not any star
For in your eyes the brightest star

I have walked a very long miles
I have so many tears in dept of my smiles
All my race seems boring
Nowhere seems alluring

When will you be mad
Leaving aside your mind of lad
Letting go of competition
And be in charged of creation

I want to remain in my hut
Where life forget its hurt
Where there is no trace of love
Nor a walk of lost love

I'm sorry, if I can't smile to love
I'm sorry, if I can't truly love
I'm sorry if my smile seems lost
I'm sorry if your mind gets in lust

Holy shit!
How can I pen this on my sheet
Of a man who lacks to man
Man his own very mind man

I have walked through the thin
Through the dark with nothing
I have thought about been well
Though all seems got deeper than the well

Soldier attention!
Oh give me thy ears
There is a love diversion
Who then really cares?

Why should we war
When our home is of a broken wall?
The battle broke and never build
At the center of the left home hides its build

It has been sold
That beauty of old
It was sold for cowries
But left 3pieces of its worries

I have beautiful tone
I want to sing, just for time
My strings are well tuned
I just want to play it for time

Ifeoluwa Philips Biography

Ifeoluwa Philips is a young talented writer, a skillful poet and a gracefully fashionista. He is also a good guitarist, he was born in Oyo state Western part of Nigeria, he attended Christ Anglican Primary school in Ibadan _Oyo state Nigeria, he was admitted into Christ Anglican Secondary School Ibadan as well in the year 2011, he was a very serious kind of a young man in his schools days. He was nominated for the post of senior prefect due to his ability in academics and his neatness. He was then voted in as a senior prefect cos he was a very social kind of a young man. I remember he was nominated also for the post of class captain and a game prefect fortunately for him, he won those tangible posts also. After his junior secondary School years, he proceeded in the same school for the senior part of the college. He was in commercial department and graduated as a well trained accounting student, but little did he know that Providence can't be cheated, he finished his secondary School classes in the year 2014 it is so unfortunate that he couldn't proceed to his admission into university due to the fact that he has no direction for the course to study in university cos he was so confused on what to study until he began to see an unusual ability of writing poems in him. Since then, he has been writing poems and stories for individual, occasions, festivals and personal. And his love for poetry is just too enormous, since 2014 that he has started writing poems, he has been winning awards both home and abroad in poetry competitions... And later, he was admitted to study Literature in English at Obafemi Awolowo University ile ife.(OAU))

The Best Poem Of Ifeoluwa Philips

Love Bridge

i was at the risk of love'
while walking on a rough love rug,
all eyes went blind
as the the light lost it smile,
natures filled with singing tears
and no man to withstand my broken heart
when ocean rise
and the thunder roar
I stick my heart to wait
till the bridge joined
now my heart glee
in the beauty of your love
though once lost,
but now find...
your heart us the love bridge
that joins you and me together.

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Olusola 11 July 2022

your creativity is immense!

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