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Imran Islam has been writing since his childhood. He finds poetry stimulating and relaxing. He's keenly interested in the power of the writings. He was born in Bangladesh, on September 28,1993, Imran received an advanced university degree in Social Work.
His first poetry book is 'Tears To God'. He is also the author of 'Born To Gain', 'The Bride Of The Cloud' and 'Love Falls With Tears'. He has also written the book 'Nature's Smile' as a fellow poet.
He has worked as a journalist and social worker. Eventually, he has a passionate love for poetry. Author page: (

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Hannatu 09 September 2020

Short and punchy with great meaning ??

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Imran Islam 07 January 2021

Thank you so very much for your kind words!

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The Best Poem Of Imran Islam

Who Will Read Me

Why should I love you,
if you don't look at me?
Why should I write you,
if you don't read my book?

How can I pen poetry,
if you don't inspire me?
How can I survive here,
if you don't support me?

You don't have to lie to me
to make me happy only
Do something for me
what you can do really!

I'm not asking of you
Just appreciate my thoughts,
I don't want compliments
Just read my words as well!

What's wrong if I'm poor?
What's my fault if I'm black?
You can close all the doors
I request you, read my work!

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Imran Islam Popularity

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