India Wallace

India Wallace Poems

1. The Mask 2/19/2008
2. Falling 2/19/2008
3. Oblivion 2/19/2008
4. Scars 2/19/2008
5. March Of Broken Hearts 2/19/2008
6. Fallen 2/19/2008
7. My Place 2/19/2008
8. Do You Notice? 2/21/2008
9. Him 2/21/2008
10. Love Is A Slow Poison 2/21/2008
11. The Slaughter 2/21/2008
12. Nobody's Home 2/21/2008
13. Rejected 2/21/2008
14. Broken 2/21/2008
15. Smile 2/21/2008
16. The End 2/26/2008
17. Love 2/26/2008
18. Breathe 2/26/2008
19. Have You Ever.... 4/3/2008
20. A Few Words 5/6/2008
21. Ignite 2/19/2008
22. Suicide 2/21/2008
Best Poem of India Wallace


She stands in the bathroom
Cold water dripping from her decaying form
Limp arms hanging with a deadening weight by her side
Now there is nowhere to hide

The pain has finally caught up with her
Dragging her down into the dark depths of oblivion
She thought she could out run it forever
But you can’t out run death

There is no strand of hope left to cling to
Nothing left to fight for
Nobody noticed the mask she wore, the pretense
Or what it hid

She picks up the blade for the last time
Turning it in her hands she wonders
If would ever have ...

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Slowly he moved away
Towards the door
And with him he took my heart,
My soul,
My reason to live

There is nothing left for me here
Now that he is gone
So i can finally let go

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