Indiscreet Episode

Rookie (24th of July,1976)

Indiscreet Episode Poems

1. Murder Of Crows 8/8/2006
2. The Best Government Money Can Buy 12/4/2006
3. Love For His Mother 12/4/2006
4. A Conversation With My Assassin 12/5/2006
5. Almost Three Full Decades 12/5/2006
6. Unwarrented Guilt 7/22/2008
7. Dear Doctor 10/18/2008
8. Trust 1/16/2009
9. You. 4/27/2010
10. The Trouble With Narcissism 12/4/2006
11. A Plea For Carnality 12/4/2006
12. Some Space 12/10/2007
13. Eric 8/4/2008
14. Shoes That Actually Fit 8/8/2006
15. Nick's Last Night Out 7/9/2008
16. Learning To Exercise Restraint 12/4/2006
17. I Cannot 9/11/2006
18. The Convent 9/29/2006
19. That Single Exact Second 10/27/2006
20. Beware Of Poets 12/5/2006
21. A Walk With Henry 1/12/2007
22. Either Way, Thanks Again 7/1/2007
23. Agonal 7/1/2007

Comments about Indiscreet Episode

  • Jerry Hughes (8/8/2006 1:09:00 AM)

    Quick and honest assessment - Lysa may well be an Indiscreet Episode, but Jasus, can she write!

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Best Poem of Indiscreet Episode


sitting and watching
waveforms dance across a monitor

telling the nurse what she already knows
99 years, afterall, is an awful long time

look at that heart rate
now look at that pressure

a complicated routine
of just enough drugs

there's a lot that can be done
to prolong the life of the dying

but the family isn't there
when the agonal breathing begins

when it's two shallow, one gasp
five shallow, another long one

a phone call is made
a mind has apparently changed

keep him going a little longer
spend a few ...

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Murder Of Crows

A murder of crows congregate in my dooryard
They accost me on the way to the garage
Avian trick-or-treaters all clad in the same costume
Questioning my lack of edible garbage lately

'What gives? ' one asks, and the others join in
'How long since you've cleaned out your fridge? '
My corbie friends are never too proud to beg
Never grossed out by oozing rotten things

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