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In radio, an 'Indiscreet Episode' is when you say a word or play a song that is bound piss off the FCC. You mark in a log what the offensive word was and when you committed this grievous sin.

My life is one big indiscreet episode, as I speak before considering who I might offend.

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Jerry Hughes 08 August 2006

Quick and honest assessment - Lysa may well be an Indiscreet Episode, but Jasus, can she write!

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The Best Poem Of Indiscreet Episode


sitting and watching
waveforms dance across a monitor

telling the nurse what she already knows
99 years, afterall, is an awful long time

look at that heart rate
now look at that pressure

a complicated routine
of just enough drugs

there's a lot that can be done
to prolong the life of the dying

but the family isn't there
when the agonal breathing begins

when it's two shallow, one gasp
five shallow, another long one

a phone call is made
a mind has apparently changed

keep him going a little longer
spend a few more thousand dollars

stretch it out several more hours
just until they can see for themselves

families seem to always let go
long after the patient already has


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Indiscreet Episode Popularity

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