! Will You...Hmn...Will You? Poem by Inner Whispers

! Will You...Hmn...Will You?

Rating: 2.9

If I am there beside you, will you hold my hand,
kiss it with tender grace and with eyes that comprehend?
Will you touch my hair that fall on my cheeks
swept by air in perfume scent and fix?

Will you caress my lips with your finger tips
smoothen it as I blush in totally red?
Will you whisper words of love while your hands search my hips,
pulling me near you and hug me instead?

When heat mixed up and we feel the urging needs,
will you say, ' I want you, Honey, need you for keeps',
And expect a tender kiss from you,
while I tiptoe to be more closer to you?

Will you run your hands like I do
as we go naked, in love so true?
Will you make love with me
as we imagine how it would be?

Will you...hmn...will you?
After I answered your question of
'Will you marry me, Honey, hmn? '
by 'Yes, Honey, I will, I do! '?

Gerard Heijink 13 August 2009

Oo Honey ko, Pakakasalan kita, ... Kailan tayo magpapakasal?

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Ted M 13 August 2009

Vow! the romance and the passion highlighted so nicely in the lovely choice of words. You make things sound so beautiful, whatever it is you want to say. Nice, creative and effective.....10+++

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~*Nezra*~ Farrell 12 August 2009

I really like the first line :) It reminds me and my baby!

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Graham Russell 12 August 2009

such tenderness.. such passion it makes me weep for loves caressing hand.. :)

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Varanasi Ramabrahmam 12 August 2009

A very sensitive poem expressed through romantic sensuality. Full of mood and 'thirst' for love. Nice poem

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