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Isaac Rosenberg

Isaac Rosenberg Poems

Break Of Day In The Trenches

The darkness crumbles away
It is the same old druid Time as ever,
Only a live thing leaps my hand,
A queer sardonic rat,

Dead Man's Dump

The plunging limbers over the shattered track
Racketed with their rusty freight,
Stuck out like many crowns of thorns,
And the rusty stakes like sceptres old

Through These Pale Cold Days

Through these pale cold days
What dark faces burn
Out of three thousand years,
And their wild eyes yearn,

Returning, We Hear The Larks

Sombre the night is.
And though we have our lives, we know
What sinister threat lies there.

In The Trenches

I snatched two poppies
From the parapet’s ledge,
Two bright red poppies
That winked on the ledge.

Isaac Rosenberg Comments

Azad Bongobasi 16 April 2015

hello poet, I like your poem. from bangladesh

10 12 Reply
Joesph 21 November 2021

this guy died over a century ago

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Da Boss 19 October 2016

I really like this bloke we are gs. You should join our squad.

13 8 Reply
Simon 01 October 2018

Makes me feel sad and wants you to imagian what he went through

4 3 Reply
Muhammad nasir ali 19 July 2018

2 3 Reply
Gilly 25 January 2018

Sad to see the comments below.

7 2 Reply
Ellie 17 January 2018

He's kinda boring ngl

3 19 Reply
Daniel Nunn 10 November 2017

I wish my homework was on someone else. P.S. Glass of Jews please butler.

4 22 Reply

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Isaac Rosenberg was an English poet of the First World War who was considered to be one of the greatest of all English war poets. His "Poems from the Trenches" are recognised as some of the most outstanding written during the First World War.

Isaac Rosenberg was born to Barnet and Annie Rosenberg, who had fled Devinsk in Lithuania to escape anti ...

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