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The Dance

The silence
now nags,
and loneliness
Chirrups on the rooftop
Sitting weary on the broken back stairs
Of my ancestral house,
I count down the centuries.
The red and white stone house
Now melts,
Dripping on me.
All lamps on desire-niches are extinguished.
Only a few leafs lie open in the book of the past,
That I guard for the ambassador of the night;
They rot in the wetness of the passage of time:
Not a single word will survive.
All ideals burn,
And a strange scene emerges
In the light of the flames.
A cold open-sided room,
And verandahs ...

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A Personal Poem

Have you ever given it a thought,
as you tread miles of footpaths,
how tender you are,
that the cruel sun of this city
can scorch you?Pushed and pummeled at the bus stop
or in futile chases,
do you ever think of the lively crowd
you just left
and its several adoring eyes?