Itai Oscar Poems

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See You At The Top

You pull me up
with your words
of encouragement
giving my feet a

Truth Hurts

He spit his words like bullets out of a machine gun
My ears absorbed every word like a dry sponge to water
The words were not words of hate
But the words were words of truth

Wisdom Is Deep

With my bucket of understanding
I draw from the deep well of
wisdom from the heart of a
silver-haired man.

Thats What I Call Courage

Courage fearlessly
entered into the room
where fear dominated.
Just the sight of courage

Bright Future

At the midday of my life,
I take a glance at my rear view mirror
behind me I see speed humps, curves and road blocks
I come into cognizance that there has been a delay

Dear April

In the middle of the night
when owls are having their lunch
and you're lying in between the


My muscled up healthy smile
approaches you, arms outstretched
for a warm embrace
But in return your smile stretches

What's On Your Mind?

Sitting alone on an old ragged couch
Your legs crossed and a hand on your chin
Your eyes staring into space
Your food going cold in your plate

Poet/Painter - The Difference

The differece between a Painter and a Poet
They both see a picture in their minds
A Painter expresses it through brush and paint
A Poet expresses it through words

Abraham And Sarah

Early that morning Abram had
told Sarai to pack their belongings
'cause they were leaving their