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Heaven On Earth

I'm on a search for heaven,
And I find it in the strangest places;
In the flowers that take bloom;
In a childs' smiling face.

Young, Timeless Love

Is it possible to feel like a child at such a wise age
Mind spinning like a merry-go-round
Rhythm of there hearts like a rope in double-dutch
Eyes wide with excitement and wonder


It's beating, yes;
Sending life through my veins;
It's clouding my judgment,
Making me feel so insane;

Blue Tears

Pain enters his mind;
Suffering tattooed on his heart;
He grabs his guitar,
Right from the start;

Love Lost, Empty, Vast

Hot to touch, cold to love
Lips like blush, Free like doves
Trapped in corner, Eyes like dead
Lovely words, Messed up head

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Pouring out my inner secrets of shame, love, pain, lust, and honesty. These poems are inspired by the events that have come to pass in my life and I write to express. I don't have a excellent array of vocabulary but I hope you can enjoy the simplicity of it all.

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