Ivory Strife

Ivory Strife Poems

1. The End 11/20/2012
2. Disappear 5/5/2013
3. Pure 6/20/2013
4. Look At Us 7/4/2013
5. Glad You'Re Gone 9/2/2013
6. If We Ever See Each Other Again 2/23/2014
7. Not Going To Be 2/23/2014
8. These Words 4/16/2014
9. The Voice Of A Writer 5/20/2014
10. Would You Stay? 5/20/2015
11. I Told You So 2/23/2014
12. The Worst Day Of My Life 12/2/2012
13. Darkness And Light 7/22/2013
14. Under A Blue Sky (Nursery Rhyme) 6/20/2013
15. Angel Of Healing 5/9/2013
16. Spring Fling 8/30/2013
17. Hate You 11/20/2012

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Hate You

I do not hate you,
I just hate the things you do.
I hate the way you say my name,
I hate the way you give me all the blame.
I hate how you lie straight to my face,
I hate how impossible you are to replace.
I hate that you never even try,
I hate how you never cry.
I hate how you never show emotion,
I hate that your eyes look just like the ocean.
I hate how you left,
I hate how when it cane to my heart, you committed theft.
I hate how you never bothered to say goodbye,
I hate how you never answered why.
But mostly, ...

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Angel Of Healing

With healing hands of light,
the angel of healing is out tonight.
With a full moon and shining stars above,
the angel of healing will come on the wings of a dove.
She comes to heal all bruises and scars,
from a land that's really far.
From saving dying souls,
to completing impossible goals,
the angel of healing has done it all.

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