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Exasperating, and excessively suffocating to be intoxicated as a victim of misery.

No poem ever created has perfectly described the effortless admiration of trees. I know I won't be able to, but I'll try.

Let's begin with the lovely Oak. She's a hanging haven for vulnerable creatures and is always a convivial sight to come upon. She constantly provides acorns for her fellow squirrels. Never mistake an oaks knowledge of life.

This grief has come upon me in dancing shadows.
gold was its warning and many times it showed beneath scarlet extasy.

Your eyes set deep into me; I fear the stars have touched the very essence of wonder that the hope in me has been spared only to you.
For I seek your approval and yet is it in vain?
How long till your moonlight finds me again?
Will it be now, tomorrow, or just the memory of yestereve?

How wonderful it is that we have been created in the image of the Lamb!

And yet do we not seek brotherhood together?

Oh, to be winged and unburdened!

Apart from simple matters such as food and shelter, which nature generously gifts.

I love the sea and the terror it clutches into my soul.

I perceive the waves and feel so small in this world, yet not alone.

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I'm a girl with three siblings and a love for all things! My Spotify link is https: //open.spotify.com/user/313vjrse52w2odqaphckbx5ww2am? si=515edc28802349eb)

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Wraiths Of Misery

Exasperating, and excessively suffocating to be intoxicated as a victim of misery.

Weighted like stone, wrought as iron. This unknown grief, bitter than bile.

Here I am, limpid as ice and yet, furious with mystery.

This Cosmo of rapture for hope is as bold as living rather than existing.

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This love is my grief.

A poet's silence is a poet's death.

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