Izzy F Poems

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Vain Aspiration

Your eyes set deep into me; I fear the stars have touched the very essence of wonder that the hope in me has been spared only to you.
For I seek your approval and yet is it in vain?
How long till your moonlight finds me again?
Will it be now, tomorrow, or just the memory of yestereve?

The Purpose For The Created World

How wonderful it is that we have been created in the image of the Lamb!

And yet do we not seek brotherhood together?

Old Verses Upon Hope

Lift me unto thou gray mist, perch me upon thy branches of hope, whisper into my ear words full of bliss, and sing unto me a song with thy verses of a summer's kiss.
For forever, when thy eyes see the ocean, from shore to sea, I shall love thee.
From me to a soft breeze, I shall want thee.

Harbored Grief

His tears cascaded down as rain, hands joined to mine warmly, and I felt as close to the sun as imaginable.
I noticed how fiercely blue his despondent gaze was and how he shook violently at the thought of losing me, his courage.
I squeezed my eyes hard and saw phosphene and then yellow.
Bright as a dahlia flower.

God's Heart

Close your eyes full of worry and doubt.
Lay your burdens down upon me.
Believe that good things will come, for today does not last forever, nor does the sun or moon stay in one place.

A Window Of Eyes

If you adore me, then I shall love you also.
If you pivot from my gaze, I shall haunt yours.
If you begin to let go, I will hold fast.
When you forget me, I will not fail you.

Mildred's Sickness

Two souls, split apart by a varied apparition.
Though in one body, the mind is conquered from the effort of choosing right and wrong.
Ripped in half by two giant hands of ebony and gold, the heart is torn from better judgment.
Sprinkled in dust from the pollution of iron wings, he sat there in the caving room beside a body.

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