The Purpose For The Created World Poem by Izzy F

The Purpose For The Created World

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How wonderful it is that we have been created in the image of the Lamb!

And yet do we not seek brotherhood together?

It seems it is to fight against the fate of man and diminish the pondering love of God.

Why must we follow something so archaic as to not learn from it ages ago?

War will lead to loss and time will follow time and still man does not inquire to observe this matter.

I have touched adeqution in the form of family.

I have seen liberty in the words of paper and yet I have not seen the goodness of it laid out unto people.

What truly matters anymore?

What happened to our morals on religion, gestures, and simplicity?

We have chosen to stand on the rocky ground of race and identity.

I know not why or how.

How long will it last?

Forever I guess because Adam and Eve, the barren souls of sin, have caused this corrupt mess since the beginning of the world.

It is long since our brothers and sisters had peace but peace there is if there is thankfulness and hope in the heart of trials.

It is quite marvelous to unravel the world with truth and to witness all the sin but yet, bare our souls gripped with the truth of God.

If God had a reason for us to live on this earth, would it be to quarrel and bicker constantly and to fulfill ruthless acts against one and another?

I think not. Otherwise, why would God have created this orb of life?

Our purpose in this world is differed and evaluated on many terms and in many words, but this I know.

We were born in the likeness of a mighty God, who bled for our sinfulness.

If that is not enough to bow down and shout aloud, then there is no other reason for our existence.

Rob Lamberton 04 March 2024

"We were born in the likeness of a mighty God"

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Meredith B. 29 January 2023

I have no words - Lily F, you are so gifted. Continue to use your words to inspire : )

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Izzy F 29 January 2023

Thank you! I actually just edited it to make it a bit easier to read.

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