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I'm a university student(P.G.) at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur who takes interest in reforming the set evil rituals in orthdox Indian villages mostly. Mostly I like to read hamunastic subjects and works roaming around deep imaginative valleys. My most of poems run around my own life having vast universal aspects.

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How Fake Relationships Evolve And Break

To make relationship is hard
One instant enough to pin the card
How long it takes to cherish
One instant enough to it finish
Fool who entangles in such a coat
Where no way to come safe out of the
All the relationships merely masquerade
Where everyone race, having various
Women also have their vehicle-racket
Oh, oh they ride on ornated seat-
They start their race in slow motion
Oh, their false eye-punch, prove such
a concoction
Men's vehicle's race now accelerates
But, what! That concoction, their race
Men, bloody fool, who still drink that
Without knowing, consider it solution
Thither women win the race, making
them to surrunder
They are dogs, and every dog is

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J S Shankar Popularity

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