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A small celestial body,
No light of your own,
Yet you shine bright
As a night sky object,

Life isn't always like a boomerang,
Whatever you give will not always come back,
At times life is like a boomerang,
When you least anticipate it, it may come back,

The angry articulation dampens,
The caring disposition deepens,
It all inherently happens
When the warm heart opens,

Get along, sing along,
To waste life isn't very long,
Gather here, merry mere
To make your dear folks cheer,

As a class we had so much fun,
It was spontaneous like a shot
That was coming from the gun,
Every second was interesting

A breakdown, a standstill,
The dynamic brio is held still,
The path ahead is blurred,
Not a chance to be lured,

Fluttering bee
Flattering thee.
Comes where?
To you there.

A good amount of motivation
From the fountain of cognition,
There was pelting on my umbrella
The locus of passion went la la la la la,

The first time, it was ‘A Boomerang'
Selected as the Poem of the Day
On eleventh June twenty-eighteen,
A second opportunity has sprung

Goodbye dear September,
See you again next year,
It's time to welcome October,
Got to work a lot better

Not so hard to agitate,
But too difficult to meditate,
Collecting the scattered thought
Follow one course uprightly sought,

Inspiration comes in different modalities,
While being flooded with a million views
Gotta grab one from the many opportunities,
That's how you avoid going awfully askew

Two stones ‘yes' and ‘no',
‘No' if you don't care,
‘Yes' if you wanna dare,
To drop is to say no,

The alphabets count to deuce six,
To the deuce five was added an ace
Equaling it to the count of alphabets,
With invisible wings did fly the years,

The Best Poem Of J Sheba Anandhi

A Small Celestial Body

A small celestial body,
No light of your own,
Yet you shine bright
As a night sky object,
Being an inspiration
To an amorous somebody,
Being a companion
To a solitary somebody,
You the mighty moon
Though plainly mundane
To almost every human,
Are a peaceful delight
For a being with eyesight.

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Zehra Bukhari 13 September 2020

J Sheba Anandhi writes meaningful poems which are quite short but they inspire many people and makes them curious to find the deeper meaning that lies within. All the Best! Keep up the Good Work ~Zehra~ Young Poet

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Rajnish Manga 17 June 2017

I have read a couple of poems written by J Sheba Anandhi which are quite impressive. Her poems are a reflection of her philosophical bent of mind, her deep study of human nature and her personal experience. These poems are often short and to the point. My Best Wishes to this talented poet.

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J Sheba Anandhi Quotes

Directed Determination Destines Desired Direction.

Direct your will, it will find a way on its own.

Your smile could be the sunshine that makes the flowers bloom in someone's fields.

Dream not to build castle in the air, but to lay a strong foundation on the ground.

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J Sheba Anandhi Popularity

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