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A Letter From Heaven

Dear sweet innocent child of mine.

I am writing you this letter from heaven.

The Maraton

Life is a Marathon.
That you only get to enter once.
A contest of endurance.
Ran by both the weak and the strong.

A Walk With Death

One night while in a blissful sleep.
I dreamed I took a walk with Death.
Down the road of life we did walk.

Welcome To The City Of Poverty

Welcome to the city limit of poverty.
A city without a soul.
Located in a land without a conscious.
It's motto reads.

Why Hate America

.There are so any reason to hate America.
I cannot count them all.
You can hate America because.
There is no King or Queen to bow down too.

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11 November 2014

Even the river of denial will eventually run into the sea of reality.

04 December 2014

Reality will always show you the right road, but it is up to you to go down it

24 September 2015

It is easy to lead weak people, with weak minds down the road to hell, just tell them it a tradition and they will follow freely

22 July 2016

The worse in people is not hard to find- when you go looking for it.

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