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Jake Andrews Poems

1. Free Falling From Heaven 9/13/2009
2. Open Heart Surgery 9/13/2009
3. Life Is No Vibration That You Can See 9/13/2009
4. Endless Winter Night 9/13/2009
5. Castles By The Sea 9/13/2009
6. When I... 9/13/2009
7. The Blindman Finally Sees 9/13/2009
8. Wanting And Waiting 9/13/2009
9. When We Get To The Otherside 9/13/2009
10. Gomorra Be Good 9/14/2009
11. The World For What It Is 9/14/2009
12. Drug Induced Divinity 9/14/2009
13. Me And My Octopus Mother 9/14/2009
14. The One And Only 9/14/2009
15. Judas Or Jesus? 9/14/2009
16. In Between Black And White 9/14/2009
17. Autonomous Death 9/14/2009
18. Tripp'N' Into Insanity 9/14/2009
19. Life As Much As Death 9/14/2009
20. Revolution To Submission 9/14/2009
21. Nothing But A Person Dreaming 9/14/2009
22. Gomorra Be Good Pt.2 9/14/2009
23. Life Is But A Loose Gesture 9/14/2009
24. The Deepest Depths Of A Starlit Sky 9/14/2009
25. The Grand Illusion 9/14/2009
26. Your Love Is Only Stinging Me Once 9/16/2009
27. Chasing Sunlight 9/16/2009
28. Meteorite In Central Park 9/17/2009
29. Psalm Of Night And Day 9/17/2009
30. Multiply The Benefits None 9/17/2009
31. Money In The Bank 9/17/2009
32. Wandering The Desert As A Blind Man Pts 1&2 9/28/2009
33. The Silent Storm 9/28/2009
34. Broken Mirror 9/28/2009
35. My Selfish Heart 9/19/2009
36. My Book 9/13/2009
37. The Mannequin 9/17/2009
38. Wandering The Desert As A Blindman 9/13/2009
39. Beautiful Anonymity 9/14/2009

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Beautiful Anonymity

Isnt it funny how you can tell
By the volume of posts my lifes in hell?
I post in a forum and you can all see
How I was feeling dead or in glee
A face I will never know
A false representaion I don’t want you to show
For the words you speak tell me who you are
Into you soul and maybe too far
I would never show anyone else
The pain in my life, just feel like being someone else
The shirt you wear, the house you live in, doesn’t matter to me
I don’t know you, yet I do and you know me
Beautiful anonymity

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Endless Winter Night

Wandering through a winter night
Looking for the warmth of light
Found a spark and let it grow
Its easy in dark for light to show

She told me that i love too much
Maybe i could have figured as such
Because of this she has to go
I felt crushed but didnt let it show

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