James Atkins

James Atkins Poems

1. Morning 1/30/2005
2. Dissipation 7/26/2005
3. Nostalgia 8/24/2005
4. Faultline 12/14/2007
5. Mnemonica 1/18/2008
6. Twilight 1/18/2008
7. Chronocide 3/8/2006
8. Eternity 6/6/2005
9. Noonday Shadows Burning 3/7/2005
10. Ruined 3/23/2005
11. Heritage 1/30/2005
12. Epiphany 2/9/2005
13. Positivity 1/30/2005
14. Delusion 2/18/2005
15. Excursion 5/26/2005
16. Freedom 6/18/2005
17. Enough 1/30/2005
18. Misogyny 5/28/2005

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Best Poem of James Atkins


Women walking in the park
'neath branches drenched in light
summer dresses, low cut tops
and smiles that invite

Women with their depthless eyes
and bodies built for sin
lips through which they mouth their lies
to draw the weaklings in

Watching women on the train
and wishing they were mine
maybe I will take me one
and keep her for a time

Drowning in their depthless eyes
choking on their spite
I will change things in the park
'neath branches drenched in light

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She steps onto a packed train
the epicentre of a shockwave of faceless humanity
rippling out and away, shuffling back
from the mischievous flash of her eyes
the generosity of her smile
and the short skirt that the men steal glances at
but refuse to watch directly.

She makes a schoolboy's day when she stumbles into him

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